• The DMC Swim Elite Fins - Charcoal & Fluro have been designed as an all round swim training fin, ideal for intermediate to advanced athletes. They have been developed with a left and right specific foot, unlike the DMC Elite 2 Fins. The principal function of the DMC Swim Elite Fins is to enable anyone from an intermediate level swimmer to an Olympic swimmer to achieve an exact kick balance while using their prefered arm stroke. As well as strengthening and toning the muscles, using the Elite Fins during swim training sessions gives the legs neuromuscular memory so that when the swimmer proceeds to swims without fins, they kick more effectively. The DMC Fin range is not only a favourite amongst Australian and International Olympic athletes but also the fins of choice for many swim coaches worldwide. FeaturesLeft and right specific foot labelled on the bottomSuper soft silform constructionV rail design increases surface area and displaces more water with up and down kicksDrain chute on the top of the fins allowing water to flow freely, so that your fins stay on furing flip and tumble turnsNon-slip treadUV ProofMaterialSilform

    DMC Elite1 Fins - Charcoal