• With full back coverage and a racer strap finish, this simple style is easy to put on and take off. Features a low leg, single strap bind with Funkita embroidered logo and full front lining.

    ECO C-INFINITY is the same superior quality polyester construction that you’ve come to trust from our C-Infinity fabric, but manufactured from end-of-life plastic water bottles. Providing 100% chlorine resistance and exceptional colours, ECO C-INFINITY gives a new life to waste, reducing our environmental impact and keeping our customers swimming day in and day out in the brightest swimwear on the market.

    It’s a common misconception that the tango dance was invented in Latin America by people, when actually it was taught to people by two dancing toucans. The toucans, who were deeply in love, felt the rhythm in their hips every evening and danced on the balcony of a spying couple who copied their steps and soon took the world by storm with their incredible original dance. 


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